Refuse To Fuse When Possible.

I have always enjoyed meeting and talking with the doctors I have met at the conferences that I’ve spoken at, like Prosport.  It’s not unusual to hear about a case but have no films to look at.

Just like you, I have often found it helpful to have a second set of eyes look at a “problem” case.

It’s easy to imagine that we are just too far away to communicate or help each other, but that is simply not true.  That is why I have created  It is 100% free.

If your patient isn’t getting well as fast as you expect or just have puzzling case, and want to discuss it confidentially with an orthopedic surgeon, send me a disc and we will schedule a time to call and discuss it.

Just enter your name, email, and contact phone number.  We will give you a call and set something up.

– Dr Tony Mork, MD